The Volcano (Eyjafjallojokull)

The Volcano (Eyjafjallojokull)
Dany Boon - Valérie Bonneton
Spanish Title
Divorcio a la francesa
Do you remember Eyjafjallajökull? That`s the name of the very famous Icelandic volcano which eruption led to the cancellation of many international flights and put the whole world literally upside down! Well, here we are, following Dany Boon (Welcome To The Sticks, Nothing to Declare) and Valérie Bonneton (Little White Lies, No Trespassing), a divorced couple going to their daughter`s big wedding in Greece, separately. Except that their flight will unfortunately not take off! and the only way to make it to the ceremony is to exceptionally get along (for once!) and hit the road together! Needless to say that they`re going to find themselves stuck in a huge amount of troubles, lies, adventures, crazy & funny as hell to heat up the screen and set the comedy world on fire!