The Bag Man

The Bag Man
Action - Thriller
Robert De Niro - John Cusack - Rebecca Da Costa
Spanish Title
El Encargo
Portuguese Title
Profissão de Risco
New Orleans. A down on his luck hit man, Jack (John Cusak), whose sole asset is keeping his word, is hired by the fearless crime boss Dragna (Robert DeNiro) to fulfill an apparently innocent task: he must pick up a bag, take it to a crappy motel in New Orleans and wait in room number thirteen for Dragna or his men to collect it. But he must never, under any circumstances, open the bag. If he opens it, Dragna will know and he will not receive the pay or even worse …But from the moment he sets foot on the motel his life is at stake as a number of criminals, including a mysterious woman running from the mafia, try to take the bag from him and he has to defend it if he wants to live.