The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn (aka The Craziest Man)
Comedy - Drama
Robin Williams - Mila Kunis - Peter Dinklage
Spanish Title
Locos en Brooklyn
Portuguese Title
O Que Fazer?
It is the story of two people whose worlds collide on the very worst of days. Henry Altmann (Williams), angry as usual, wakes up with a splitting headache and rushes to the hospital. Unfortunately, he is told that his doctor has left early for vacation and that a new doctor, Sharon Gill (Kunis), will be seeing him. Sharon is in a bit of a tailspin as well, ever since her beloved cat has committed suicide by jumping out her apartment window. When Sharon meets Henry, he berates her until, in exasperation, she tells him that he probably has only 90 minutes to live. In an attempt to get his affairs in order and clear his conscience, Henry tries to right all the wrongs he`s done in his life to his wife, son and brother. Sharon, realizing her mistake is desperately trying to find Henry before it is too late.