She’s Funny that Way

She's Funny that Way
Romantic Comedy
Jennifer Aniston - Owen Wilson - Cybill Shepherd - Imogen Poots
Spanish Title
Enredos en Broadway
Portuguese Title
Um amor a cada esquina
Peter Bogdanovich
A Broadway Director (Owen Wilson) arrives in N.Y. to stage a play. At a posh hotel under an alias he orders champagne and an escort. They don’t know that she is being followed by a Detective hired by an elderly Judge obsessed with her and that the main actor of his new play has seen them. The next day, the Director hands her $20K in cash if she promises to stop escorting and pursue her dream. Determined to pursue her dreams she auditions for a play unaware that the man who changed her life is the director and that the play is written by the Detective’s Son (Jason Schwartzman), who's dating a self-involved Therapist (Jennifer Aniston), among whose clientele are the Writer, Judge and the Ex-Escort. Even worse, the director’s wife is the star of the play. Rehearsals together make him desperately nervous. Knowing their intimate secrets, the Therapist let her curiosity run wild at a restaurant they're all dining by chance. When secrets start to surface a wild fight ensues at the rehearsal theater. Everyone shows up, including the Ex-Escort's suspicious parents (Eugene Levy & Cybill Shepherd), the Detective and ever-nosey Therapist. It’s a comedy so, of course, there's a happy ending -- but only after the play's a huge hit.