Playmobil: The Movie

Daniel Radcliffe - Anya Taylor-Joy - Adam Lambert
Lino Di Salvo
Blaise Hemingway
Dimitri Rassam
PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE takes audiences on an epic journey through a sprawling imaginative universe in the first-ever feature film inspired by the classic PLAYMOBIL® brand. Packed with humor and excitement, PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE combines endearing characters, thrilling adventure and breathtaking scenery in this original animated tale. MARLA, a practical millennial, dismisses her young brother CHARLIE’s fantastical tales of an alternate world filled with escapades inspired by his beloved collection of PLAYMOBIL® sets. When Charlie suddenly disappears, Marla discovers a magical portal that hurtles her into a new land and transforms her into… a PLAYMOBIL® figure. While her brother is being held captive by BLOODBONES, a treacherous pirate, Marla forms an unexpected friendship with an eccentric food truck driver, DEL, and a resourceful robot named ROBOTITRON. Their search for Charlie sends them across the sprawling world of PLAYMOBIL® sets, encountering friends and foes, from knights in shining armor to intergalactic villains. If Marla has any hopes of rescuing Charlie and getting home, she must summon the powers of her own long-neglected imagination. PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE brings the internationally beloved, award-winning brand to animated life in a witty and heartwarming film adventure. Since its introduction in 1974, PLAYMOBIL® has won the hearts and imaginations of children and parents in more than 100 countries. With nearly 3 billion figures produced worldwide, PLAYMOBIL® is ready for its film debut for audiences of all ages around the world.