Luis and the aliens

Animation - Family
Spanish Title
Luis y los Marcianos
Portuguese Title
Amigos Alienígenas
Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein
Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein
Emely Christians, Christine Parisse
12-year-old Luis often feels lonely. He doesn’t have any friends and his father, the ufologist Armin Sonntag, simply doesn’t have any time for him. He’s obsessed with proving the existence of intelligent life in space, spends all night at his telescope and all day sleeping. While he completely overlooks the fact that intelligent life is standing right next to him, in the form of his son, Luis. Even the principal of his school thinks Luis is neglected and should be sent to a home. Luckily help is on its way from a faraway galaxy – three goofy aliens crash almost on Luis’s doorstep: Mog, Nag and Wabo are in search of a massage mat they saw on earth’s home shopping TV, the NubbiDubbi. Luis is thrilled and quickly befriends them. But when he finds out that his dad is convinced that aliens are dangerous and should be shockfrosted at first sight, Luis and his alien friends have to come up with a plan to contact the mother ship and get the ETs rescued. When at the same time boarding school director Miss Diekendaker shows up and wants to take Luis away, Luis is even tempted to leave his home planet with all these problems and go explore the galaxy with his new friends.