Adult World

John Cusack - Emma Roberts - Evan Peters
Spanish Title
Vida de Adulto
Amy Anderson (Emma Roberts) is a naive, awkward university graduate desperate to get her poetry career off of the ground. Saddled with debt and unemployed, she moves back in with her parents in her seemingly bland upstate New York hometown. When her car is stolen and her parents cut her off financially, she begrudgingly accepts the only job she can find; working the cash register at Adult World - the local, wood-paneled sex shop owned by a frisky elderly couple and staffed by diva transvestite Rubio and sweet local boy Alex. But Amy's true passion is poetry, and she is determined to become the protégé of reclusive writer Rat Billings, played by a hilarious John Cusack. Slowly, Amy?s world begins to meld with that of her co-workers, most affectingly as she and Alex strike up a flirty relationship. Headstrong and defiant, Amy stumbles through her new life, surprised to find that not only can the people you trust break your heart, but more importantly, that inspiration and support can be found in the most improbable places.