Clubhouse Detectives: Search of a Lost Princess

Brittany Armstrong - Jonathan Cronin
While waiting in the school office, Dave, a precocious third-grader, overhears a strange foreign woman talking to the principal. She is searching for a young princess who was whisked away to America as an infant when her parents' kingdom was overthrown and they were killed. Now her grandparents have recovered the throne and are desperate to find the princess, now eight years old. Dave brings the story straight to the Clubhouse Detectives. With fantasies of royalty dancing in their heads, the gang decides to find the princess themselves. They bone up on princess qualities kind, sweet disposition, graciousness to all and devise tests like the pea trick from the fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea". Every girl must be measured to this lofty standard. When Dave's house is ransacked, but nothing is stolen, it's obvious that the intruders were searching for someone. It couldn't be Ali, Dave's little tomboy sister, so who is it?! The boys follow a suspicious trail to the strange woman and find a file with secret information about the princess which States that she has a birthmark behind her left ear. Dave is amazed: his sister Ali has that! They discover that Ali was adopted as a baby, when Dave was only one year old. Having found the lost princess, they now find out that the strange woman that was looking for Princess Ali was only masquerading as a loyal friend- she's actually an enemy to the throne. But the ingenious Clubhouse Detectives set their trap and foil her attempt to keep the princess from her rightful throne. Now Ali is faced with decisions: Will she stay with the only family she knows or reign as princess in her native country? Maybe she'll do both and knight all the Clubhouse Detectives, and invite them for summer vacations. Whatever she decides, it is sure to include more mischief and adventure for the Clubhouse Detectives.