Under Still Waters

Under Still Waters
Thriller - Drama
Lake Bell - Jason Clarke - Clifton Collins Jr.
Spanish Title
La emboscada perfecta
In this classic film noir set-up, a beautiful, wealthy young heiress and her un-successful husband make a last effort to salvage their marriage by going for the weekend to her family's lakeside mansion. Along the way, near their mansion, they hit a motorcyclist who apparently just ran out of gas and soon he is unwittingly drawn into their lives. But was the husband's hitting the motorcyclist really just an accident? Maybe not everything is as it seems on the surface....Film Noir necessitates strong visual styles. Stark camera angles, chiaroscuro lighting, and shadowy images. I love the use of camera in seventies film noir, from Polanski's "Chinatown," to Peckinpah's "The Getaway," right up to modern examples, like the Coen Brother's, "Blood Simple," with the long takes, the push-ins and close-up on details. Style is the fourth character of this film. I evoke classic film noir through lighting, costuming, and traditional score and miked it with the 70's thriller in the camera work and editing so that it became a thoroughly modern film.