Tony Hawk In: Boom Boom Sabotage

Tony Hawk In: Boom Boom Sabotage
Animation - Family
Spanish Title
Tony Hawk Aventuras en Skate
Grimley’s Old Tyme Circus is going through some harsh times- endless debt, haggard equipment, and a society that is entertained by reality TV and not reality reality. Juggling seats are just boring compared to high intensity video games and half-pipe routines with skaters, BMX and Motocross. And when Grimley’s Cricus gets to Lincolnville, the circus finds that they have been cancelled due to Tony Hawk’s Gigantic Skateboarding show. Lincolnville has one of the world’s greatest skateboard parks: the Oasis. And the misfit skaters of Lincolnville shred there every day. They’re excited about their heroes coming to town for the Tony Hawk Skateboarding Tour. Little do the misfit skaters of Lincolnvilley know that Tony Hawk’s favourite park is the Oasis. And when Tony starts ripping the legendary skate park, the kids are in awe of their skateboard hero. The Next day at the Oasis, the skater kids all gather and watch Tony Hawk skate the massive half pipe, practicing for the big event. But the kids notice some strange looking “workers”, who look a lot like clowns of a Circus. When they investigate they find that the suspicious “workers” are dragging Tony Hawk off against his will. The kids make chase, but are too late. Tony Hawk is hauled off in a limousine. The kids are helpless. No one will believe then that Tony Hawk has been kidnapped! Join our hero kids as they go on an adventure to combat the devious Grimley and his plan to sabotage Tony Hawk’s skateboarding tour. Watch our skaters battle the evil Carnival folk in an amazing dog fight chase scene that combines incredible skateboard action, car chases and dubious Circus tricks. With tons of great skateboarding action, the voice of Tony Hawk, and evil circus clowns, this ride will be more exciting than a 540 stale-fish to disaster revert! A 70 minute animated feature from leading CGI animation producer Mainframe Entertainment!