The Great Buck Howard

The Great Buck Howard
Tom Hanks - John Malkovich - Colin Hanks - Emily Blunt
Spanish Title
El Gran Buck Howard
Portuguese Title
A mente que mente
To the untrained eye, THE GREAT BUCK HOWARD (John Malkovich) may seem like a magician...but he's noto He's a mentalist. In his own humble opinion, his talents go far beyond mere sleight of hand; he can read minds and is capable of hypnotizing an entire roomful of people at once. But when TROY GABLE (Colin Hanks) tries to explain to his DAD (Tom Hanks) why he dropped out of law school to work for a mentalist. it doesn't go over very well. In fact, it doesn't go over at all.In his heyday, Buck had a marquee act in Vegas, counted Ed McMahon among his close personal friends and was a guest on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" 61 times. But now it's obvious to everyone-including Troy - that Buck's act has lost whatever lustre it once had; j1e plays Spokane a 101 more than he plays Vegas and hasn't filled a theater in years. In spite of all the evidence against him, Buck is convinced his big comeback is right around the corner. And, for reasons he can't quite explain, Troy decides lo slick around and find out.Thus begins a clever comedy about a confused young man and the unlikeliest of teachers. Much to hisFather's chagrin, Troy's about to learn a few tricks he couldn't have picked up in law school!