Special Delivery

Special Delivery
Lisa Edelstein - Brenda Song - Robert Gant - Michael Cowell
Spanish Title
Special Delivery
Maxine Carter is the best-connected courier working in the Pacific Rim. She is constantly on the move, always traveling and likes to keep it that way ever since she watched her young child die in a terrible accident. Her current delivery is 14-year-old (going on 30) Alice Cantwell, the spoiled daughter of one of China’s richest businessmen. After a bitter and twisted custody battle, Alice is headed to Hawaii to live with her mother. But, almost as soon as they land on US soil, Max senses things are not right. She soon figures out that Alice’s father is in trouble with the Chinese government, and his daughter may not be the only thing he is trying to smuggle into America. With danger around every corner, it’s up to Max to deliver Alice safe and sound to her new home. The only problem is, the longer Max and Alice spend together, the more Max starts to wonder what’s worse, the bad guys after Alice, or Alice’s bad attitude.