Primal (The Lost Tribe)

Thriller - Horror
Zoe Tuckwell-Smith - Krew Boylan - Lindsay Farris
A group of twenty-somethings set out on a luxury yacht to close a lucrative business deal at an island resort. When they encounter an injured soldier drowning in the middle of the ocean, everything starts to go off course. In the middle of the night the crazed soldier turns off the autopilot and accidentally hits a reef causing the yacht to crash on an uncharted island. After everyone washes up on shore the group begins to set up camp and establish radio contact. While collecting firewood, Chris stumbles upon the soldier’s body and they all bury him on the beach. Tom and his girlfriend Anna set off into the jungle looking for signs of life while Chris, Ira, and Alexis collect wood for a signal fire. Tom and Anna discover a deserted camp full of research equipment and firearms. A signal flare interrupts them and they race back to the beach to find the bloody grave of the soldier dug up and empty. Waking the next morning, our hero Anna finds Tom missing. She leads the others into the jungle in search of her boyfriend however they soon discover that someone or something is quietly stalking them. Fear pervades the group and one at a time, Anna witnesses a vicious species of humanoid creatures kill each one of her friends. Alone and afraid, Anna must now fend for herself against these cunning creatures. Eventually Anna discovers a bloody and broken Tom in the heart of the creatures' lair. He begs her to kill him and with a final kiss Anna puts Tom out of his misery. With a renewed sense of purpose Anna determined to avenge Tom and defeat these savage beasts. In a game of cat and mouse, Anna lures the pack to a clearing where she squares off with the Alpha Male, killing him and scaring off the rest of the creatures. Bloodied, exhausted and traumatized, Anna emerges reborn from the dark jungle.