Matchmaker Mary

Matchmaker Mary
Jeff Fahey - Katherine McNamara - Jacob Hays
Spanish Title
Angeles de amor
Mary Carver (Katherine McNamara) is a very energetic, enthusiastic and creative young lady. After getting an "A" on her sixth grade final exam, Mary is rewarded by her parents with a puppy from Wayside Waifs, a local animal shelter. Mary not only finds a Yellow Labrador puppy named Tillie, she also befriends two lonely people, who she not only encourages to separately adopt a sibling of Tillie, but who she later introduces to each other. Mary believes that simply placing two people together with the assistance of some loveable puppies will result in a happy relationship. Cameron Banks (Jeff Fahey) who runs Wayside Waifs and her Aunt Karen (Dee Wallace), not only become accomplices in Mary scheme but also become her second "match". Mary then must utilize her new support group in order to carry out a plan she engineered to help her own parents who are becoming distant to get back together.Seen thru the eyes of a young girl on the verge of womanhood, who enjoys meddling into adult lives with the help of animal adoption, the story emphasizes the connection between people's need for "unconditional love" and illustrates how the lives of six people can be changed with a little help from a pre-teen matchmaker and three adorable puppies.