Golden Christmas

Comedy - Family - Romantic
Andrea Roth - Nicholas Brendon
John Murlowski
Jay Cipriani
John Murlowski
95 min
A special dog brings together a man and woman fighting over a house at Christmas who, unbeknownst to them, knew each other long ago. One summer, long ago, a little girl and a little boy were brought together by a very special dog. They played all summer long, it was puppy love. Then the summer ended and they never saw each other again… Until… …Years later, when her parents retire and decide to sell their house, Jessica (the girl), now in her thirties and recently widowed, decides to start over, move back home with her son Henry, and buy it as a Christmas surprise. However, her plan goes awry when she discovers that her parents already sold the house and unbeknownst to her (and everyone), to the very same person that she spent that magical summer with years ago: the Boy; now a very handsome thirty something man named Michael. Sparks fly as Jessica and Michael vie for ownership of the house, while cultivating older sparks of love they both secretly held in their hearts. Jessica thinks she’s not ready for a man in her life. She just wants the house. But with the help of her family, some luck and a very special dog, Jessica realizes the blessings in a plan gone awry…and maybe even fall in love in the process with her first Best Friend.