Elf Bowling The Movie: The Great North Pole Elf

Elf Bowling The Movie: The Great North Pole Elf Poster
Spanish Title
La Diversion de los Duendes
As the story unfolds, we find ourselves transported to the North Pole in a bygone era, where the Elves meet a couple of pirates frozen in an ice floe. As the Elves thaw-out Santa Marie Kringle and his brother Dingle, a sword fight ensues between Santa and Dingle which sets the scene for their somewhat strained sibling relationship and highlights Dingle as a loser and Santa as the winner, who will soon team with the Elves to bring Christmas to the children of the world.There is a catch, however. The Elves can't make toys unless they are having fun, and hence, Santa must sign a union contract to that effect. To make sure the Elves never run short on fun, Santa builds them a gleaming winter wonderland of a bowling alley, which keeps the fun level high for centuries.That is, until, jealous Dingle sets out to muck up the works, driving the fun level to nil, so that the contract is breached and he can take over Christmas. Dingle's plan works, the North Pole is wrecked, leaving the Elves no other choice but to go off to the new land where Dingle will build his toy workshop - Fiji?Once Santa realizes what Dingle has done, he is off to Fiji with the reindeer to foil the plot and save Christmas for the children of the world.