Bad Lieutenant – Port of Call New Orleans

Bad Lieutenant - Port of Call New Orleans
Drama - Crime
Nicolas Cage - Eva Mendes - Val Kilmer - Jennifer Coolidge
Spanish Title
Bad Lieutenant
TERENCE MCDONAGH, Homicide detective with the New Orleans Police Department, saves a prisoner from drowning in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In so doing, he severely injures his back. He\'s promoted to Lieutenant, put on prescription pain medication and returned to active duty. A year later finds Terence addicted to Vicodin and cocaine. When a family of African immigrants is found massacred, he is the guy to head up the investigation. His girlfriend FRANKIE, a hooker, tells him that a client beat her up; he drives to bring her home. Finding the assailant - a weasel named JUSTIN - in Frankie\'s room, Terence smacks him around, takes his money. With that the plot picks up speed and drama. Terence cannot escape from the complex moral universe in which he lives.