Sally Hawkins - Alexis Zegerman - Eddie Marsan - Samuel Roukin
Spanish Title
POPPY (SALLY HAWKINS) is a free spirit: She loves dancing, trampolining and traveling. When her bicycle is stolen while she browses a London bookstore, she doesn't get angry or report the incident to the police. Instead, she takes it in stride and decides to take driving lessons. It's typical of Poppy, whose irrepressibly cheerful disposition and knack for rolling with life's adversities has a profound effect on those around her.Learning to drive, Poppy gets paired with an angry instructor, SCOTT (EDDIE MARSAN), who criticizes everything from her boots to what he calolls her celebration of chaos. He tells her his job is to rid his students' of their bad habits. But after several lessons it seems that Poppy, in remaining good-humored through his rants, is teaching him something about his own bad habits, and he gradually develops an attraction to her. Whether she's dealing with a bully in the primary school where she teaches, or chatting to a transient she encounters one night, Poppy seems incapable of seeing anything but goodness in others. And her instincts often prove right: The bully, she learns with the help of a social worker named TIM (SAMUEL ROUKlN), is being abused at home, and the transient is a harmless soul with whom Poppy shares a rapport.